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My work, past and present web designs and SEO examples

Want to Know a little About me? Let me tell you.

That’s me in the leather hat, I’m not as handsome as the man with the cat on the homepage illustration, but I am real.  I’ve been building websites and for as long as I can remember and have just started to make a career out of it.  Let me tell you more.

colin steele
colin steele
colin steele

The web in the early 90s I made websites on Geocities

My Internet journey 

So it all started in the early 90s, (I’m old 1981) when CD ROMS were the next big thing in computer technology.  


I learn't BASIC on a Spectrum ZX


I learn't PASCAL at High School (American Education)


I found Geocities and learnt HTML and basic CSS

Then life began, I built websites for fun over the next 20 years and built a few that became the foundation of businesses.  I spent more time learning WordPress and eventually stated using Webflow.  Now I am starting out again at the age of 40 and building a new career in website design and development.

I’m Passionate About Working With People to Improve Their Business or brand.

I’ve been working online making websites since the early days, it all started in the 90s making website on Geocities and has developed over the years from hard coding HTML and CSS sites, to working with wordpress CMS and webflow to create beautiful and SEO friendly websites for business, artists and individuals. 

MY Mission

Is to create great websites for your business that will succeed and thrive.  My mission is to help people find your business and to create leads and positive engagement with your clients.  

MY Vision

To see your business grow, working with me I can get your website  running and sending you leads while you do the important stuff and run your company and brand.